NEEBOR - Networking for Enterprises in the Eastern External Border Regions

Project title: 
Networking for Enterprises in the Eastern External Border Regions
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2008, October to 2011, September
Project summary: 

The project has grown out from the Network of Eastern External Border Regions, a wide European initiativeaimed at the collaboration of regions from European Union countries on its external borders, whichdecided to work more closely together and to elaborate joint actions for their common challenges. The project has 12 partners - representative regional bodies from eight European countries, and intends to involve further interested European and non-European partners in their activities.

The core elements of successful Small and Medium Enterprises development and innovation policies in these areas are cross-border business cooperation with non-European neighboring countries, and better access to knowledge and financing for SMEs in periphery areas. Good practices and the special opportunities in these common fields should be better exploited and strengthened. That is why the overall objective of the NEEBOR project is to exchange and exploit solutions for a more competitive and innovative SME sector while increasing the efficiency of regional SME development and innovation policies in the external border areas.

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